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The QUADTRAC ® is four-track powerhouse  built from the ground up by CaseIH engineering. It has the advantage of tracks and the maneuverability of a 4WD wheel-type tractor. Best of all, it possesses all the advantages of the legendary STEIGER ® tractor: a rugged chassis, powerful engine, responsive transmission, comfortable cab and more. Much more.

The unique design of the QUADTRAC ® tractor provides improved flotation and traction with minimal compaction, while it gives its operator a superior ride. Here’s how:

Each 30" rubber track provides 68.5 inches of contact with the ground surface. Each track can pivot up and down 10 degrees, allowing the track assembly to follow the ground contour. Because each track assembly works independently, the track remains on the ground. And with the 26 degrees of oscillation between the front and rear of the tractor, operators enjoy a superior ride, while the tractor provides superior flotation and traction. Depending on the tractor’s configuration, soil compaction will be as little as 4.9 to 5.3 pounds per inch!

Even though the QUADTRAC tractor looks very different, it steers like a conventional 4WD tractor. The unit provides a 19.5 ft. turning radius with two distinct advantages over a two track unit.

  • QUADTRAC tractors give you the ability to turn under load—as you turn, the tractor pivots in the middle allowing it to maneuver like a conventional 4WD tractor.
  • Because the unit pivots like a conventional 4WD tractor, you do not need to skid a track to turn, so soil ridging and soil disturbance is minimal.

Maintenance on QUADTRAC tractors is minimized because the track assembly requires no daily maintenance. All pivots operate in lube-for-life bushings; the idlers and rollers operate in sealed tapered bearings, and the track tension is maintained as the operator operates the tractor hydraulic system.

When the Quadtracs came out in 1997, they were all 9370 models, but had no numbers designating them as such. They just had the black decal on the hood and "Quadtrac" insignias on the tractor. The 9380 Quadtrac was introduced in later 1998(along with the 9390 powershift), but there was still no model designation on the hood. The second individual picture shown is an early 9380 Quadtrac. Sometime in 1999 production it was decided to put model#s on the black hoods, identifying whether they are a 9370 or 9380 model. Also somewhere along this time frame it was decided to "decorate" the 9330 and 9350 row-crop specials in similar colors as the Quadtracs. The regular 9330 and 50 models did not receive this new-style look

As far as telling a 9370 & 9380 "non-decaled" version from each other, it can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. First way to tell is to look at the serial# tag. Case never referred to these tractors as "Quadtracs" in their computer system, they were referred to as "9370Q" or "9380Q", which is how they are marked on the serial# plate. When 9380 Quads first came out, the 9370 had a smaller 4" axle while the 9380 Quads had a 4.5" axle. 9380 Quads also had a beefier transmission(same as a 9390 powershift), while the 9370 Quad had the same trans. as a 9380 wheeled tractor.

Article by Jim Schroer 






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